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Please take time to visit the following sites.  You will find great information if you are looking for dogs or gear for hunting Chukars or other upland game birds. 


If you are looking for a “Hunting Partner” you can’t go wrong with either of the kennels below.  These are true Chukar hunters and dog trainers, hunting wild birds every chance they get.  I strongly recommend you take a look at their sites and dogs and if they have dogs available when you want one, it will be great.  You can’t go wrong with either gentleman and you will have great, great dogs.


Bone Point Kennels
Kelly Jobes owns this kennel and has been breeding and training excellent German Wirehair Pointers for several years.  My dog Lilly is from one of Kelly’s breedings and she is a barn burner.  I talked with several breeders across the Northwest looking for someone that understood the rigors of hunting Chukars and other wild upland game birds when I wanted to get my first Wirehair pup.  Kelly answered all of my questions and he did a great job handling the breeding.  Lilly has turned out to be a great dog that has a fierce desire to hunt and no patience for me when I need to take a break.  She LOVES to hunt Chukars.  Visit his Website at and let him know I sent you.


Three Devils Kennels
Jeff Funke owns and operates his Kennel in Nampa , Idaho .  The first thing that caught my attention when visiting Jeff’s website and looking at the kennel photos, was his cinder rock exercise area.  What a brilliant way to toughen the dog’s pads for hunting Chukars on the shale and rock slopes of eastern Oregon and western Idaho !!!  I haven’t quite convinced my wife to let me put down cinder around our yard, but I haven’t given up.  Jeff hunts dogs 5 – 7 days per week during the season to train and test dogs on wild birds.  I think he has figured out something the rest of us haven’t.

Jeff trains and breeds great Wirehairs and Drathaars that love to hunt all sorts of birds and I am sure their favorite is Chukars. Don’t forget to talk to Jeff about his pinch collar for “Whoa” and “Heel” training and it also works for heeling, it is the best around.  Visit Jeff’s Website at and let him know I sent you.

Quilomene Vests
If Chukar hunt, in fact if you upland birds at all, you can’t go wrong with this vest.  When I got tired of regular vests, tried making my own bags with suspenders and old army shoulder bags I fortunately found the Quilomene Vest.  I saw Steve Owen at a Sportsman Show in Portland , Oregon and his booth caught my eye because, you guessed it, he had a mounted Chukar in the booth.  I asked a ton of questions and went back three times before buying one.  THE ARE THE BEST!!  All the pictures you see most all the Chukargang has one.  If you want to hunt all day, or half, and have everything you need without killing yourself, get one.  You will not be sorry.

Visit Steve at and tell him Bryan sent you.